Time for an overdue Update - hopefully finalised over the next few weeks...

Volcano Tourism has emerged over the last decade as an important tourism sector - especially in combination with geotourism. To give many volcanic tourist destinations credit, I have published a book a while ago, which features contributions from geoscientists all over the world.


Why are Volcanoes so Popular Worldwide? 

Volcano tourism is not a new phenomenon - people have travelled to active volcanoes for many centuries. Every year millions of tourists make active and dormant volcanic areas their preferred destination, either for recreational purposes including sightseeing, hiking, climbing, camping or perhaps as an adventure trip involving more extreme activities such as mountaineering, volcano boarding or taking a hot air balloon trip over volcanic landforms like in Capadoccia, Turkey.

Specialised tours (excursions, expeditions) are offered to many active volcanoes worldwide and tour guides generally include geologists and volcanologists to provide guidance and knowledge for people seeking more information about the awesome forces of volcanic activity.



Volcano tourism in Japan is popular, usually in combination with visits to nearby hot spring spas. The viewing platform on the crater rim of Mount Aso on the island of Kyushu is a 'must see' destination for domestic and foreign visitors. Not many visitors leave without having their photo taken with the crater in the background.



The main aim of this website is to provide and exchange information about the tourism sector that focuses on active and dormant volcanic areas on a global basis. This includes the safety aspects that should be considered before venturing into an active crater or climbing volcanoes that may appear quiet, but are classed as active and/or potentially dangerous.