This website was originally set up to provide information about volcano tourism. That was in 2010.

In the meantime volcano tourism has grown in popularity and is widely recognised: either as an independent tourism sector in areas where volcanoes are plentiful, or as a value adding adventure experience under the umbrella of geotourism.

The first theses about volcano tourism have been written by research students, whose enthusiasm for volcanic environments has led to an increasing number of literature sources covering this exciting field of study.

The website is currently undergoing a complete revision which has long been overdue, but somehow there is never enough time.

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Why are Volcanoes so Popular Worldwide? 


Volcano tourism is not a new phenomenon - people have travelled to active volcanoes for many centuries. Every year millions of tourists make active and dormant volcanic areas their preferred destination, either for recreational purposes including sightseeing, hiking, climbing, camping or perhaps as an adventure trip involving more extreme activities such as mountaineering, volcano boarding or taking a hot air balloon trip over volcanic landforms like in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Specialised tours (excursions, expeditions) are offered to many active volcanoes worldwide and tour guides generally include geologists and volcanologists to provide guidance and knowledge for people seeking more information about the awesome forces of volcanic activity.

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