Book Content:

PART 1 Introduction

Chapter 1         Introduction

P. Erfurt-Cooper


PART 2 Africa


Chapter 2         Africa’s Great Volcanoes of the Albertine Rift Valley

A. K. Sanga-Ngoie

Chapter 3         Volcano Tourism in Ethiopia and the Danakil Rift Zone

J. Edelmann and R. Roscoe

Case Study 1    Reunion Island, France –- Piton de la Fournaise Volcano

H. Gaudru

Case Study 2    Cape Verde Islands

H. Gaudru

Case Study 3    East Africa – Volcanoes, Glaciers and Safari Parks

M. Cooper


PART 3: The Americas


Chapter 4         The Lure of Lava Tubes: Exploring Lava Tube Tourism on the Big Island of Hawai‘i

L. M. King

Chapter 5         Geotourism and Public Safety in Volcanic Environments

T. W. Heggie

Chapter 6         On the Economics and Social Typology of Volcano Tourism with Special Reference to Montserrat, West Indies       

N. Petford

Chapter 7         Volcano Tourism – Central and South American Examples

H. Gaudru

Case Study 4    The Cascades – Connecting Canada and the United States

M. Cooper

Case Study 5    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

M. Cooper

Case Study 6    The Galapagos Islands – Volcanoes and Wildlife

M. Cooper

Case Study 7    Death by Volcanic Laze

T. W. Heggie, T. M. Heggie and T. J. Heggie

Case Study 8    Alaska’s Volcanoes – The Aleutian Arc and Wilderness

M. Cooper

Case Study 9    Active Volcanoes in Mexico as Tourist Destinations

M. Cooper


PART 4: Asia


Chapter 8         The Need for a Planning Framework to Preserve the Wilderness Values of Sibayak Volcano, North Sumatra, Indonesia

D. Newsome

Chapter 9         Volcano and Geothermal Tourism in Kyushu, Japan

P. Erfurt-Cooper

Chapter 10        Volcano and Geothermal Tourism in Japan – Examples from Honshu and Hokkaido

M. Cooper

Chapter 11        Jeju: South Korea’s Premier Island Geotourism Destination

K. S. Woo, Y. K. Sohn and L. M. King

Chapter 12        Volcano Tourism in Iran: Mt. Damavand, the Highest Peak in the Middle East

K. Vafadari

Chapter 13        Volcano Tourism in the Philippines

J. Edelmann

Case Study 10 Challenging Destinations –- The World Heritage Llisted Volcanoes of Kamchatka

H. Gaudru        

Case Study 11 Krakatau, Indonesia, a Volcano with a History

M. Cooper

Case Study 12 Geothermal Attractions and Active Volcanoes in China

M. Cooper


PART 5: Europe


Chapter 14        Emerging Volcano and Geothermal Related Tourism in Iceland

R. Dowling

Chapter 15        Volcano Tourism and its Iinfluence on the Tterritory of Mount Etna (Italy) –- Eexplored with Digressions to Stromboli (Italy)

A. Struck

Chapter 16        Under the Volcano – Can Sustainable Tourism Development be Bbalanced with Risk      Management?

J. Karkut

Chapter 17        The Auvergne – Centre of Volcanic Tourism in France

M. Cooper and J. Eades

Chapter 18        Volcanic Geotourism in West Coast Scotland

T. A. Hose

Case Study 13 The Azores – Volcanic Islands in the Atlantic

H. Gaudru

Case Study 14 The Canary Islands – Volcanic World Heritage of Spain

M. Cooper

Case Study 15 Greece –- How Dormant are the Islands?

M. Cooper

Case Study 16 The Vulkaneifel in Germany – A Destination for Geotourism

P. Erfurt-Cooper


PART 6: Oceania


Chapter 19        Volcanic Landscapes of New Zealand

M. Cooper

Chapter 20        Volcano Tourism in the Nnew Kanawinka Global Geopark of Victoria and SE South Australia

B. Joyce

Chapter 21        Volcanic Landforms as Tourist Attractions in Australian National Parks and Oother Protected Areas

P. Erfurt-Cooper

Case Study 17 Vanuatu –- Active Volcanism in the Pacific

H. Gaudru

Case Study 18 Geothermal Parks in New Zealand

R. Roscoe

Case Study 19 Deception Island –- Hot Times on a Chilly Continent

T. Brattstrom   



Chapter 22        Conclusion and Recommendations

P. Erfurt-Cooper and M. Cooper